AKRA Round Entry – Our Racing Kart

$590.00 inc GST 6 hours

Includes Drivers Briefing, 2 Practise sessions, 2 x 10 lap races, 15 lap Pre-Final and 20 Lap Final -Trophy Presentation for the top 3 Winners including FREE Food and Beer……………. Now that makes an awesome full day. – You race one of our 2 stroke race karts – Race Kart & mixed Race Fuel provided – Personal mechanic to look after the kart and guide you throughout the day – we pay our mechanic’s $200 a day – Race Suit and Helmet provided too – valued at $30, Welcome to bring your own Helmet and Race Suit if you have one. – Entry Fee – costs $115 – Day License – costs $35 – FREE Food & Beer – at least $25 value, just don’t drink too much hahaha That’s a total value over $900 but YOU WONT PAY ANYTHING LIKE THAT!
Just $590. 
Click below and select your round date. Once payment is made we will contact you to confirm arrangements.


BRAND NEW NOVICE CLASS ANNOUNCED! HEY FIRST TIME KART RACERS… If you have ever thought about racing BUT… you don’t have a kart then listen up – Wollongong Kart Raceway has  Arrive & Drive 2 stroke Race Karts – ready to go! If you have driven one of our Hire Karts and you thought that was great and fast, WELL you are going to be blown away again! The Hire Karts lap our Wollongong Track in 36 seconds and these Race Karts lap in 31 seconds. That’s a whopping 5 seconds faster! The Hire Karts are fun fun fun and we at Wollongong Kart Raceway have had over 1,000 happy clients in the last 6 months BUT the Race Karts, well that’s just like the difference of driving your family car or a V8 Supercar, there is just no comparison.
The question you have to ask yourself is what is an experience like that worth to you.? If you had a corporate Box at the Footy or Cricket or V8 Supercars where you got to just watch the game or race, here at Wollongong Raceway your in the game, your in the race………. Now those Corporate Box Tickets can go for thousands of dollars, I’ve been in one once and lucky it was a free ticket as was a gift…… anyhow if participation is what you like best then this is a no brainer. I’m doing my best to try and gift this away but please let me just cover my hard costs You get all the above for only $590. – That’s Race Kart – Mixed Race Fuel – Race Suit & Helmet – Entry Fee – License fee! . It’s an insane offer as Professional Kart Mechanics are paid up to $500 a day for Australian Championship race meetings and you have to book them for 3 days. The Entry Fee and License alone are $145 plus a measly $200 for mechanic plus $30 for mixed race fuel, your getting a Race prepared 2 stroke Kart, and I’m lending you our Race Suit & Helmet FREE.! If you wanted to get into Kart Racing or just give it a go this is an insane offer.